The Global DIY Summit is the world’s most important DIY event. AFEB, as a member of the European federation Fediyma, has an outstanding participation, as well as providing its members with preferential participation conditions.

AFEB organizes Trade Missions in key emerging countries, relying mostly on the cooperation of other associations and companies, either to grant a subsidy or to help drafting the agendas schedules of the participating companies.

AFEB has signed a collaboration with Datasur to transfer/acces information about imports and exports of 17 countries of America.

AFEB annually organizes one or two trips to more developed countries or those with developing opportunities within the world of DIY, where it holds an approach to the DIY market in the chosen countries. For this we rely on the cooperation of the European Federation of DIY Manufacturers, Fediyma, and we visit the most advanced or significant point of sale in the visited countries.

AFEB annually participates in international fairs of major relevance or interest to its members, offering to its associates grouped participations, in collaboration with AFME, PIMEC, ESKUIN and other prestigious organizations.

Thanks to the agreement signed with PIMEC, since May 2014, AFEB partners can benefit from the PIMEC Export Support service, through the figure of the Country Manager, a specialized export technician who joins the company part time, to be introduced or consolidated in a specific market, for which it will bring all its experience and the support of the entire international department of PIMEC.

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