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In the association’s website (members reserved area) we inform about the Pyme Invest program, a comprehensive service developed by ICEX and COFIDES for overseas investments by Spanish small and medium entreprises (PYME) in order to cover all the internationalization needs.

We elaborate a complete catalogue of the main International Fairs of the sector that is hung chronologically in the section “Agenda” of the web page of the association.

Fediyma in collaboration with the AFEB and other European associations belonging to the federation, annually produces the Global Home Improvement Report, corresponding to the Study of DIY yearly sales data from more than 81 countries. The Report gives us information on the main DIY markets, analyzing what DIY represents in the world per capita consumption in the world and which are the key distribution channels in each country. This study can be purchased at AFEB at the price of 390,- € for associates and 890,- € for non-members.

AFEB invests a part of its budget every year in the purchase or elaboration of studies that considers of maximum interest for its associates, who can later acquire at a subsidized price.

Some examples are the Supplier Quality Study, the Consumer Study elaborated by AECOC or the Study of the Portuguese DIY Market, elaborated by AFEB and currently on sale at the price of 200€ for associates, and for non-members of 500€.

It is a study that analyses the evolution of the hardware and DIY market operators and allows us to know their size and characteristics. The study includes the development of each operator in the period between 2000 and 2016:

11 DIY chains
12 cooperatives and hardware buying centers
5 industrial supplies purchasing centers
7 hypermarkets of construction warehouses
4 hypermarkets of large food surfaces
7 chains DIY centers of Portugal

The study also includes 10 online DIY, hardware and garden operators and a brief analysis of garden centers and bazaars.

Each data shows the number of stores and invoicing in each year analysed, which reflects its evolution.

In the case of the DIY and hardware operators, their market shares are also included in 2016. The study is completed with graphs and with the conclusions of each segment of the market.

The Map of the Distribution of DIY is free for members of AFEB and non-associated companies, can acquire it in AFEB for 490,- € + VAT.

The Export Situation Survey is a report published quarterly by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness about different indicators of export activity, such as the synthetic indicator of export activity (ISAE); prices and export margins; factors affecting export activity; evolution of destination markets, etc.

AFEB produces a quarterly Situation Report, based on data confidentially provided by the associates, where it informs about sales variation in relation to the previous year, the average payment dates, the average rate of returns and the average rate of unpaid receipts.

AFEB prepares a bimonthly incident report, based on data confidentially provided by the associates, where it informs about the distributors incidents. This is a clear and reliable indicator about the risks of manufacturers in relation to their customers.

AFEB provides quarterly to his associates a report of macroeconomic conjuncture with an evolution of the main macroeconomic indicators to be taken into account by a manufacturer of the sector. It includes data on GDP, public deficit, investment, import/export, employment, developments in construction, etc…

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