Training and Networking

The Association has a members directory that includes photography and contact details of the main representatives of different areas within the companies belonging to AFEB (CEO, Commercial, Marketing, etc) allowing partners to create real and active networking.

AFEB holds regular meetings where we tackle subjects of interest to those in charge of different business areas (financial, export, trade, logistics, etc.) within the associates that are not competing with each other. This can only be done because the association represents manufacturers belonging to 12 different product categories.

In these meetings or focus groups, non-competing members share ways of addressing several issues, which provides them with first-hand information, and favours the decision-making process.

From surveys among partners, AFEB detects interest in certain issues and holds training workshops as requested by them. (e.g., workday on the Late Payments Directive, Net Communication, or Online business development workshop, etc.).

AFEB organizes two internal forums per year (celebrated in the months of February and July), in which an analysis of the economic situation is presented, nationally and internationally, based on the reports generated by the AFEB and research from other reliable organizations, companies and institutions.

AFEB associates participate in benchmark sessions where, through an online survey conducted at the Association’s Forums, they give anonymous response to a number of questions regarding a topic of specific interest (ex. I commercialize more or less references than my colleagues, more or less white brands, etc.) so that when completing the session they have a clear view of which is the actual situation of their company in relation to others by comparing the overall results.

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