Vincle is a software vendor with more than 27 years of experience offering solutions to many sales teams in order to improve all their business processes. The result of working with it is the aim of increasing turnover and improving profitability. 

Their products cover different sales channels like: orders, teleshopping, point of sale audit, distributor portal, etc. All these products will share all the interactions that the customer has had with the company, becoming a platform that integrates online and offline sales channels. Vincle guarantees a unique experience for each client and therefore increases their profitability.

It also incorporates the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence as image recognition to verify the KPIs of the linear in real time and virtual assistants that help the commercial team to improve as much as the average amount is possible to with upselling and cross selling actions, as well as focused on those customers with the highest score, etc.

Vincle is based in Barcelona and has offices in Madrid and Cádiz, it also has a team of more than 70 people, more than 28.000 users distributed all over the world and among its DIY customers are companies such as Beierdorf or AC MARCA besides companies of Great Consumption and Pharma as Danone, Nestlé, Schweppes, Damm, Puig, Isdin or Ordesa, among others.

What can we contribute to the AFEB partners?

We can add value to AFEB partners that want to:

  • Improve their business processes and obtain an omnichannel vision.
  • Process the orders of the point of sale in a more agile way.
  • Increase the number of businesses through cross-selling and upselling at the point of sale thanks to the promotional engine.
  • Obtain relevant KPIs from the point of sale, whether they are their own or those of the competitors, in order to improve the presence in the linear through the latest technology in image recognition.
  • Propose and verify promotional indications at the point of sale.
  • Promote the productivity of the sales team.
  • Reinforce sales with complementary channels such as teleshopping, distribution, or distributor portal.

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